Helix Fixings: Provider and Installer of Quality Masonry Bars and Ties

Supplying Helix Ties and Bars across the UK and US.

drilling wall

Stabilising Masonry

Our friction fit wall tie brings stabilisation to buildings by seamlessly connecting material layers.

filling in wall

Filling in the Cracks

Our crack stitchingtools are easy to apply to make cracks in your masonry materials a thing of the past.

timber frame

Securing Masonry Together

Anchor masonry to other materials swiftly and effectively with our timber frame ties.

building in usa

Working across the Pond

Our range of quality products are also available for constructions projects in the US.

Interested? Contact Helix Fixings 

for the bespoke masonry ties and bars we create for construction projects across the whole UK and US.

About Us

Based in Hertfordshire, Helix Fixings is a team of professionals who craft and supply bespoke ties and bars that are useful for a wide range of construction projects.

Our products are available across the whole of the UK and the US, with our products designed to stabilise, repair, and rectify any issues with an assortment of masonry materials to make sure your project is there to stay.

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