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Helix Super Spiro Bars

Construction solutions from Helix Fixings, based in Hertfordshire.

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Typical Applications

•    Masonry reinforcement for new brick or block walls 
•    Bed joint-reinforced masonry lintels
•    Strengthening of external panels under wind loading
•    Anti-crack reinforcement around door/window openings and service holes
•    For extra strength in footings, parapets, retaining walls, tanks and reservoirs
•    Resisting vibrations and earthquake movements
•    Strengthening buildings on fill or reclaimed land where large settlements are expected
•    Masonry reinforcements for remedial and refurbishment work in existing buildings
•    Concrete reinforcement – especially suited for thin precast sections e.g classing panels, duct and manhole covers, fence posts and rails, lintels etc
•    Reconstructed stone – ideal corrosion resistant method for dealing with handling and shrinkage stresses.

Spiral Bars


•    Can be cut to any length on site
•    The unique Spiro profile provides a stiff section for handling which can be easily bent into any shape
•    Adaptable to a wide range of uses on site – ideal for tricky refurbishment jobs
•    Durable


Spiro-Bars are manufactured from austentic stainless steel type 304 and BS144. For particularly corrosive and aggressive conditions. Type 316 stainless steel is available on special order. Spiro-Bars are available in 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm widths. 1m Lengths or 3m Lengths. Other lengths available on special order.

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Call Helix Fixings to order today

Call us to speak about the Super Spiro bars that we supply for construction projects across the UK and US from our base in Hertfordshire

01920 293112

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