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Helix Super Spiro Crack Stitching

Helix super spiro bars and Helix super grout repair and stabilise cracked masonry. The bars can be used in many applications to include lintel and new build bed joint reinforcing.


  • Cut out horizontal mortar joint with a disc cutter to a minimum of 500mm either side of the crack to the specified depth
  • Clean out slots and thoroughly flush with water
  • Vertical spacing every 4-6 brick courses 300mm - 450mm 
  • Depth of slot for single cavity wall, 25mm - 35mm. 45mm for a solid wall
  • Inject the super grout using the Helix grout injection gun to the rear of the cut mortar joint
  • Push the bar into the grout creating a strong bond around the bar
  • Insert super grout to fill the slot 10-15mm from the face allowing to repoint mortar bed and make good
  • Repair cracks near corners and openings when cracks are less than 500mm from an external corner or an opening, at least 100mm should be bent around the corner and bonded into the return wall.


  • Cost-effective and permanent 
  • Cut to any length on-site 
  • Excellent bonding between the bar and grout

Helix super grout is a non-shrink, pumpable, thixotropic, high performance, cement-based grout suitable for injection with a hand applicator.


The packaging of the grout ensures that consistent results are obtained with every mix. There is nothing to leave out and more importantly nothing to add. Contractor error is therefore practically eliminated. 

Available in 1.5 litres, 3 litres, and 6 litres with the super grout injection gun.


Our super spiro bars are manufactured from austenitic stainless steel (type 304).

  • 6mm and 8mm widths 
  • 1 metre, 1.5 metre, and 3 metre lengths 
  • Helix super grout, non-shrink, thixotropic

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