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Helix Super Spiro Thin Joint Tie

(Used with Celcon, Durox, Thermalite blocks)  |   (Ties, Insulation clips, Drive Tools)

The Stainless Steel wall tie solution.


Helix Super Spiro Drive Ties and associated products have been used in the Building industry for over thirty years.

Helix is constantly developing new products for the building industry.

The design of Helix allows an excellent friction hold as the tie is driven in with a drive tool.As the helix tie is driven by hammer blows it twists as driven in creating a permanent hold.

Helix Insulation Clips

Insulation clips are fitted onto the tie, twist the clips down the tie to secure insulation Board.

Helix Drive Tools

Manual or Power Driven.


  • Effectively resists tension while accomodating shear and compression forces.
  • Allows for vertical and horizontal movement.
  • Accomodates an adjustable insulation clips.
  • Has multiple drip points to prevent moisture transfer across the cavity.
  • Allows for variation in joint coursing between leaves.


  • Load the Helix tie into drive tool barrel, drive in at its desired point of entry.
  • Fit an insulation clip to secure insulation board.
  • Helix ties must be built into the bedjoint as the outer leaf is laid to meet
    The embedment specifications.
  • Placement and location must be in accordance with project specificatiions.
  • An enginner must specify the precise embedment positioning of the Helix ties.
  • Helix ties should be installed by qualified contractors and installation must be approved
    By the project engineer.


Helix Super Spiro Thin Joint Ties are manufactured from stainless steel type 304

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