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Helix Super Spiro Timber Frame Ties

Our new construction drive ties are built to tie walls to new constructions, these permanent ties are easily installed, helping anchor masonry to wooden studs and concrete bricks quickly. These ties are manufactured from type 304 austenitic stainless steel, providing excellent corrosion resistance.  The ties are easily hammered into timber or block, where they tap into a threaded channel to produce a hold that's strong and permanent. The ties fit through insulation, causing no loss of thermal properties. Each tie is installed with the use of the manual Helix drive tool.


Helix spiro ties are 6mm in width, and in lengths of 300mm, 280mm, 260mm, 240mm, 220mm, 200mm, and 180mm.

Helix spiro fixers are 6mm in width, and in lengths of 160mm, 140mm, 120mm, 100mm, and 70mm.


  • Effectively resists tension while accommodating sheer and compression forces
  • Accommodates an adjustable insulation retaining disc
  • Has multiple drip points to prevent moisture transfer across the cavity
  • Allows for variation in joint coursing between leaves.


  • Load the spiro ties into the drive tool. Place the spiro tie at its desired point of entry and drive it into place with a hammer
  • Install an adjustable insulation retaining clip to secure insulation
  • The spiro ties must be built into the bed joint as the exterior wall courses are laid to meet the embedment specifications
  • Placement and location must be in accordance with project specifications 
  • An engineer must specify the precise embedment positioning of the spiro ties
  • Our spiro timber frame ties should be installed by qualified contractors and installation must be approved by the project engineer.

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